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survey [May. 2nd, 2009|03:58 pm]
Cara King
[mood |boredbored]

i feel guilty for over-surveying on myspace. but in all honesty i'll porbably re-post this one there in a couple days so d can take it to. ha.

1. Do you know what you're getting yourself into?:

2. Name or Pseudonym:
Cara King

3. Do you like your name? If not, why?:
I never really cared for having a gender-specific last name, but its okay.

4. How many surveys have you answered in the last six months?:
about 700

5. Would any of the results have gotten you arrested if published?:
possibly, probably not in california though.

6. (? missing..)

7. Who is your favorite former member of SNL?:
Either Phil Hartman or Mike Myers

8. What color is your hair (on your head)?:
auburn with blond roots starting to come in. i have to get my hair done but the jusy's out on if i should stay red or go back to blond.

9. Is this a natural phenomenon, or the work of chemicals?:
the blond is natural.

10. Did you notice I skipped over question 6 entirely?:
Nothing gets past me.

11. What time do you think it is in Utah right now?:

12. Are you confused yet?:
not really

13. Are you superstitious about the number 13?:
no i'm superstitious about the number 34

14. What would you be if 13 wombats bit you 13 times within 13 hours?:

15. Do these pants make me look fat?:
"no, your fat ass makes you look fat"

16. Can you whistle a tune through your teeth?:
i can't whistle period.

17. What is the best Christmas present you've ever received?:
i can't think of anything off the top of my head. so whatever it was was sorely under-appreciated.

18. Was it stolen?:

19. How many fingers am I holding up?:

20. Have you ever tried Paul Newman's salad dressing?:

21. Did you know that all of the profits go to charity?:

22. Do you care?:
i appeciate it.

23. How many times a day do you brush your teeth?:

24. Are you aware when this is happening, or is it automatic?:
I'm aware

25. What is your least favorite Beatles song?:
Octopus's Garden. Ringo should just give up on trying to write songs and stick to drumming.

26. Have you ever seen an actual Playstation 2?:
Yes. who hasn't?

27. Have you ever seen the rain?:

28. Can you feel the love tonight?:

29. What would you do if I sang out of tune?:
I would stand up and walk out on you.

30. Did you get the song references in the previous three questions?:

31. Do you know who Rex Harrison is?:
Not a clue

32. Are you glad there are only 10 more questions?:
I wish there were more

33. If you could eliminate hunger for only one country, what would it be?:
hm. the u.s. because i'm just that self centered.

34. Was that an unfair question, or what?:
eh, maybe a little unfair but this is america.

35. Do you feel that the time you've spent answering these questions is a moment of your life you wish you could get back but can't because it's gone forever in the never-ending forward march of time?:
No, I truly have nothing better to do.

36. So, what are you wearing?:
black flats, knee-high nylons, black pinstriped slacks, a black lacy camisole and a red sweater.

37. Do you like wearing socks, are you wearing some now?
socks are fun.

38. Did you feel that way the last time you watched Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn in a romantic comedy? Together?:
did i feel which way? the same way i feel about socks? I don't really like steve martin at all.

39. Who would you rather hang out with, Regis Philbin or Jerry Springer?:
Regis, cuz at least maybe i could talk him into giving me some money.

40. If you had to choose, what other country would you choose to live in?:
probably france

41. Do you sing in the shower, in the car, or both?:
just the car

42. Which Wayans brother, if any, is the funniest?:

and also...

[spell your name backwards] araC

[where do you live] ca

[describe yourself in three words] tired/avoidant/cold

[who is your worst enemy] probably myself

[if you could have ANY animal for a pet, what would it be] hmm. i think if i could train it well, a racoon would be very handy and clever. and i <3 their little stripes.

[have you ever used a spork] all the time

[do you even know what a spork is] who doesn't?

[what is the latest that you've ever stayed up] um... i stayed up for like a good two days in a row one time and i was mighty incoherent by the time day 2 was over.

[ever been to Belgium] no but don't they make the famously good waffles?

[what's your favourite coin] i like quarters. they buy the most, are easiest to count, easiest to dig out of the change part of my wallet and come in all the pretty different stately varieties....

[wallet] i only have one wallet. its black and leathery.

[hairbrush] my big wooden paddle brush i got from the body shop that makes my hair all nice and straight.

[toothbrush] any blue one where the bristles look really complicated cuz i'm convinced the more complicated the bristles the more work it does for my teeth.

[jewellry worn daily] i don't wear any jewelry daily. i wear a silver chain necklace with a padlock on it from tiffany's quite often though.

[pillow cover] it's flannel and its navy blue and beige.

[blanket] i'm over this survey

[coffee cup] my favorite mug for Tea is the blue one with the ridges cuz it holds more than the rest and is sturdiest.

[sunglasses]whichever $10 gas station sun glasses look okay and i haven't lost yet

[underwear]i have a pair of black lacy boy-short style ones i'm partial to. if any.

[shoes] my black patent shiny heels that i'm wearing out tonight.

[keychain] my keychain has a huge bottle opener on it and like 15 keys of which i only know where about 4 of them go.

[cologne] aqua di gio or polo sport

[in my head] the last verse of fall at your feet by neil finn where hes all "the finger of blame has turned upon itself/ and i'm more than willing to offer myself/do you want my presence or need my help???/...who knows where that might lead..."

[hearing] my dogs gfetting into trouble downstairs

[wishing] that i was in a better mood

[after this] chores i've been avoiding

[talking to]nada